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Study in UK

Each academic year students from all over the world come to study in the UK in the hope of achieving a qualification from an internationally recognised institution.

With prestigious universities, widely accredited English language courses and a reputation for excellence in research, studying in the UK appeals to international students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Undergraduate Courses

With over 37,000 undergraduate courses from around 370 different university provides, there's little surprise why the UK is often the number one choice for international students.

Postgraduate Courses

After graduating from an undergraduate course, postgraduate study in the UK could be something for you. With excellent employment opportunities for graduates, there's something for everyone here.

Study English

The UK is often said to be the number one destination in the world for students looking for English language study. Take a look at the advice we have international students looking to study English in the UK.

Study MBA

Study an MBA in UK for many international students is a flexible, carer enhancing opportunity that should certainly be considered.

Study Law

With a worldwide reputation of being one of the best places in the world to study law, find out what it takes to join a leading law school in the UK.